Zehui Lin



  • 2021.5 | One long paper accepted by ACL2021. [paper]
  • 2020.11 | Our WMT20 system report accepted by WMT20 Workshop. [paper] [blog]
  • 2020.9 | One long paper accepted by EMNLP2020. [paper] [blog]


  • Xiamen University, Software Engineering, Bachelor | 2014.9-2018.6

Work Experience

  • ByteDance AI-Lab, NLP Engineer | 2021.1-Now
  • ByteDance AI-Lab, NLP Engineer Intern | 2020.5-2021.1

Research Interest

  • Neural Machine Translation
  • Curriculum Learning/Self-paced Learning


  • Learning Language Specific Sub-network for Multilingual Machine Translation. ACL2021, Long Paper [paper] [code]
    Zehui Lin*, Liwei Wu*, Mingxuan Wang, Lei Li.

  • The Volctrans Machine Translation System for WMT20. WMT2020
    Liwei Wu, Xiao Pan, Zehui Lin, Yaoming Zhu, Mingxuan Wang, Lei Li.

  • Pre-training Multilingual Neural Machine Translation by Leveraging Alignment Information (mRASP). EMNLP2020, Long Paper [paper] [code] [blog]
    Zehui Lin*, Xiao Pan*, Mingxuan Wang, Xipeng Qiu, Jiangtao Feng, Hao Zhou and Lei Li.


  • 2018 “Les Cup” Military Intelligent Machine Reading Challenge, Fourth Place (Third Prize).
  • 2018-2019 Excellent Academic Scholarship of School of Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University, First Prize.
  • WMT2020 Shared Task: Machine Translation of News, First Place in human evaluation for 3 language pairs (Zh-En, De-En, Fr-En), First Place in automatic evaluation for De-Fr, Second Place in automatic evaluation for 4 language pairs (En-De、De-En、Pl-En、Ps-En).